We have combined the best materials available, the skill of German craftsmen and the latest in technology to bring you the finest cookware.
Super-fine fibers absorb liquid and pick up dirt, grease, grime and dust like a magnet.
A mirror finish without polishing!.


Cookware: Make dinner and post-dinner cleanup as easy as apple pie by using these products. Manufactured from the top materials available and crafted by German professionals, these cookware items have been preffered by cullinary professionals around the globe.

Micro Fiber: These handy cloths are unbeatably when it comes to absorbing liquid, and picking up; dirt, dust, and grime like a magnet!

Metal Polishe: Our metal polish will restore just about any metallic product's shine back to new. Great for use on brass, copper, metal, crome and other metallic finishes, you will be able to get a buffed out shine without using any "elbow grease"!.