The Dutch Rubber Broom is ideal for picking up lint, dust, dirt, and more!
Ideal to remove stains & can be used together with any kind of carpet-washer.
The Steam Mop uses only continuous high temperature steam to clean ceramic floor tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors..
Strengthen your hair folicles, reduce the dreaded fuzziness, and condition you hair like never before with this all new discovery!


Strahldur Leather Balsam

This balsam removes dirt, softens leather, and brings out the original color.

  • Ideal for shoes, boots, and preventing salt stains.
  • Provides protection to leather clothes and gloves.
  • Maintains leather furniture, protecting it against dust and dirt.
  • 5oz.

Strahldur Leather care, Restores and Protect all leather items, like shoes, Booths, Couch, Car Seats, dash boards, Sporting Goods, and much much more! Protect against the sun, drying out, mold, water, and salt. Protects your leather and restores natural shine

$14.99 USD Order