Product Number: DrHos

Dr. Ho's  (4 Pad System)

This medically licensed portable T.E.N.S. device using electric impulse therapies helps relieve many types of muscle pain, stiffness, improves blood and nerve circulation in addition to providing relief from many other conditions without side effects.  Electrical impulses are delivered through gel pads adhered to the skin at constantly changing frequency, speed and wave form.

Includes the following:  2 sets each small and large gel pads, 1 set flex tone pads, 1 set small gel pad electrodes, 1 set lead wires, footpads, control unit, carrying case, instructional CD Rom

Warranty:  2 year limited against manufacturer's defects

Please Note:  The Dr. Ho product is not available for purchase online.  Please contact our offices at toll free 1-800-668-1966 to order.


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